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Tribal Sub-Plan or Integrated Tribal Development Project, is one of the Scheduled area of Surat District within the Gujarat State which was notified as scheduled area vice Government of India. Ministry of Social welfare notification No.GSR/797 (E) Dtd. 31.12.77. The scheduled area of Surat district, consists of 9 talukas namely Mandvi , Bardoli ,Umarpada ,Olpad , Mangrol ,Choryashi,Kamrej,Mahuva and Palsana vice Govt. of India Ministry of Social Welfare Letter No. 11036-2-85/T.D. (R) Dtd. 14-5-1986. The more area is notified by Commission of India, under modified development approach policy and under this notification total 149 villages of MandviTaluka ,89villages of BardoliTaluka ,63villages of UmarpadaTaluka ,108villages of OlpadTaluka , 92 villages ofMangrolTaluka ,78 villages of ChoryashiTaluka,69 villages of Kamrej Taluka,69villages of MahuvaTaluka and49 villages ofPalsanaTalukawere notified subsequently under the policy more area and villages were added.

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